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We’re so glad you’re here! Being an entrepreneur can be isolating. That’s why we created the Inspiring Innovators community as a circle of support for speakers, coaches & creators. We’re all about creating opportunities for connecting, collaborating and celebrating!

We offer tools, templates & trainings for elevating your lie and boosting your business. Tap into our systems and strategies for mastering your mindset, magnetizing your message and monetizing your expertise.

Watch & listen to our podcast the Inspiring Innovators Show on all podcasting platforms.

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Thank you for your interest! Below are links to the details that most people request for an interview, including possible talk titles, descriptions, questions, socials, links and photos but if you need more info feel free to click through to our bios.

If you’re looking for quality guests, invite Jennifer Henczel and/or Paul Henczel to your show. Jennifer talks about mindset, building communities and monetizing your message. Paul has a very compelling near-death story that audiences love. Paul talks about mindset, storytelling and mastering your message. Interview them individually or together.

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We have tools, templates & trainings to help with increasing your impact, visibility and authority. Learn how to turn your expertise into extra income and generate multiple streams of revenue.

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