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Paul Henczel, BBA is an author, speaker, podcaster and host of the Inspiring Influencers Show from Vancouver, BC Canada. He has told his stories on TV, Radio, Podcasts, International Conferences, and the TEDx stage. Paul uses his experiences from overcoming adversity to inspire and empower others to find their voice and elevate their message. He speaks about the benefits of storytelling in a way that your audience will feel inspired to tell their own story.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life


Paul shares his journey and tips on how he went from an injured mill-worker to an international speaker.

Learn the steps he took from invisible to impactful using Paul’s map for ascending to your highest apex in your life and business.


Inspiring Innovators Show:

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Complimentary digital copy of Paul Henczel’s book “Crushed Alive: A True Story of a Journey from Tragedy to Triumph."

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